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Monday, 21 January 2013

Junkshop Chic Kitchen Design

Creating a new look in the kitchen doesn't have to involve an entire design overhaul; there are loads of ways to sculpt a fresh perspective on your space at half the price. Here’s our guide to getting a junk shop chic kitchen.  Thrift is the ultimate thread underlying the entire design theme – looking for ways not just to save money, but also create a bespoke look and feel. Creativity and foresight will be needed to look beyond the shabby or plain exterior and see the potential lurking beneath.

Die hard vintage lovers will load their pockets with cash and hit the local car boots, charity shops, house clearance and online auction sites – do your research and plan well, make sure you know the measurements and dimensions required, carry a tape measure and be sure to have a transportation/delivery plan. Pay attention to the structural qualities of items on offer, bypass the color, finish or fittings – these can all be replaced, the actual build is what will count in the long run.

Junkshop Chic Kitchen Design

If second hand chic is not your thing, explore budget kitchen ranges – simple carcasses and plain doors are easy to transform with color and creative fittings.  Sanding back kitchen units and applying a new lick of paint can either cheer up old units or alternatively offer a completely new feel to the room – if opting for color, choose carefully, looking for shades that complement the tone of the room. Painting one cabinet door can be a good way of trailing bold choices.  

Handles are also a surprisingly effective way to change the entire look of a cabinet, especially in fitted kitchens. Choose from colored glass, antique brushed chrome or brass, or rustic wooden, opting for simple unit finishes accompanying outrageous handles. 

Otherwise keep an eye out for small design classics that can pep up an unremarkable kitchen – gingham curtains, big bold clocks, vinyl table tops and 60’s and 70’s retro table wear are all quick wins to achieving budget vintage chic style.

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