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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Inspiration and a Scandinavian touch Mediterranean

The Japanese influence, inspiration and a Scandinavian touch Mediterranean mingle through the rooms of Casa Carina, to record images of the residence.

This combination of cultures resulted in a minimalist décor, in which the number of decorative elements, colors and furnishings are reduced in the environment, and attention turns to a feeling of spaciousness and peace. The addition of wood in the pallet P & B helped also take the warmth and comfort to the wings.

The room acimentado gap makes much of this fusion of cultures: Japanese lamps bring a spirit to zen living under the stairs, while the opposite prevails Nordic design furniture such as chaise Mi 036 of Bruno Mathsson.

Inspiration and a Scandinavian touch Mediterranean

Going up the wooden steps, hue tone changes dramatically. The gray painted walls and black tables and lining the kitchen cabinet. This austerity is enhanced by outstanding industrial organization and the minutia in the environment.

The palette again has softer tones on the second floor, where the suite. The light wood, the skylights and open staircase to the return light, while extend the defined location scalloped roof and lower. With the help of this contemporary veneer, the house remains elegant and quiet.

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