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Friday, 18 January 2013

Induction Into The Halls Of Fame

It is part of the house that many of us give little thought to. Unlike the kitchen and bathroom, which attract huge budgets and loads of shiny surfaces, not many people pay much attention to the area leading from the front door.

However hallways can do a lot more than offer you somewhere to hang your coat. The hallway serves more than one purpose in most homes. 

It is the invitation to the house, so it has to be appealing to make people feel welcome. It also gives people an idea of how the rest of your home will look. Light and color are critical… like adding a piece of artwork.

People are often telling me they have this gorgeous piece of artwork – but don’t know where to put it. I always suggest in the hallway. What better way to showcase it than as soon as people enter your home.

Induction Into The Halls Of Fame

When it comes to art placement there are a few common mistakes when trying to balance it with other elements. The piece might be far too small for the wall or, if it’s a sculpture, it just doesn’t balance. Some people might also hang their artwork too high.

Instead of hanging all of your pictures, paintings, drawings or photographs, try leaning some of the bigger items up against the wall for a different look. Small pieces can be clustered together, which looks magnificent if you have different sizes. This is particularly effective when people enter the hallway and are walking towards a wall. Better to have something there – then keeping the wall blank. 

Art is a timeless thing and if it does look a bit tired or old fashioned you can always freshen the piece up by re-framing it or stretching it out over a canvas.

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