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Tuesday, 5 March 2013


The real estate market is starting to make a comeback under the spotlight and as homeowners we would want to increase the value of our home before we put it on the market. The home’s appeal is usually the primary criterion home buyers often look at. Home buyers will only pass by your home if it doesn't have the kind of appeal they like. One of the ways you could enhance the value of your home is through your garage doors.

Garage doors that are not apparent out front can be installed with simple steel door even in the absence of windows. On the other hand, if your garage door is evident out front, decorative garage doors would be your best option.

However, it is very challenging to add windows to an existing door because you need to bring it to a specialist who deals with the specific brand of garage door you have and it will cost you so much. Most homeowners end up installing a brand new garage door altogether because it proves to be cheaper. 

This is easier than trying to fit in a window and making an existing garage door look more appealing to home buyers. One of the options homeowners can go to is glass garage door especially when it is becoming more and more popular because it is very appealing to home buyers. 

They are increasingly trendy and look extremely modern. Most specialists would recommend people to get garage doors without the windows because they are easily breakable and expensive as well as risky for break-ins.


Another option would be carriage house door, which are made of wood and can have decorative windows. It is advised that you paint the wood garage door rather than staining them to get rid of redoing the procedure every couple of years.

Once you’ve decided which garage door will fit your home better, you need to ensure the safety of your garage door through the following quick tips –

Torsion spring replacement. This is important although it would seem a bit tedious especially when it bears the brunt of wear and tear.

Regularly check your garage door cable. The cables have risk of breaking so it is better for you to check it beforehand and have it replaced in time.

Get an expert install the garage door. Being a DIY person has its own limits and installing a garage door is one of them. You would benefit greatly if you let an expert do it for you.

Extension springs with containment cables. A containment cable is important on each extension spring. This serves as a reserve tank if the car runs out of petrol since it holds the spring preventing accidents from happening. This is a good safety precaution practice so have your door installed with this if you can.

Garage doors can definitely add value to your home whether aesthetically or value-wise. It is your responsibility as homeowners to maintain your garage doors and make it safe. Proper maintenance is the only way you can make sure everything works well.

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