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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Improving Work Area Design

Designing work area may be expected as tedious task because if the designing comes of out to be futile then productivity of employees would hamper. Work area of every office is important to be designed so that it aide productivity and profits. Well-designed work areas not only conjure ample profits to the company but also allow employees to focus on their work without any distraction.

Work area of home office or corporate is designed in such way that it should cater to the need of employees who are responsible for the growth of every business. The work area should be flexible and distinctly designed so that workers may not feel the dull and slavish. Some basic factors which aid to designing of work place constitute to be atmosphere, furniture, height and space between the working areas and functionality.

An organized work place should not only look attractive but comprehensive and functional. However if your office work place is targeted by piles of paper, books, and other things in an unorganized way then it’s a high time you should get back to clearing work so that the workers stood stable in your office.

Improving Work Area Design

Change the furniture

The first and most important thing which can be altered in an office is furniture pieces which sometimes create problems because they become outdated. Work place furniture should be ergonomic catering to the need of employees. If any of the furniture gets outdated or damaged due to some reason it must be changed and new piece should be installed instead of old.

Office work place comprises of two most important furniture i.e. desk and chair and hence this should be carefully chosen for office worker taking their health in consideration. Chairs should be ergonomic and comfortable; if the designer chairs do not give perfect support and comfort then they must change over simple yet comfortable chairs. 

Table or desk of every employee should be aesthetically designed and help them in increasing their productivity. The height of work desk must be designed accordingly with the people’s average height so that they should not hunch over while working.

Update equipment’s

Equipment’s and other electronic things should be replaced time to time if they are slowing down and feeding lot of money. Investing in new printer, scanner, computer, office laptops, staff computers etc. should properly detected. The primitive phone lying on the wall must be upgraded with speaker phones which are sophisticated and stylish. Auction or sale all the old fashioned gadgets and computers lying in the store room of office.

Design some more space

Clear out the clutter from the work place so that some extra space can be made and design it accordingly. This extra space can be for the office staff where they can place their printer, jackets, and other junk stuff they carry. This extra space may give your office design an elegant touch and may give it large appearance. 

Ensure that office has enough space to move and walk around for going in and out. The stack of paper, old files which might be cease people to walk from there should be cleared possibly.

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