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Thursday, 10 January 2013

How to Update Your Decor for Fall

Since summer is gone and fall is here, consider updating your decor a bit to welcome the season.  Here are a few tips for updating your decor for fall.

Faux Fur

Add some faux fur throw pillows or a blanket to your living room and/or bedroom to make the rooms feel more cosy and warm.  If you have basic sewing skills, you can purchase faux fur fabric and make large floor pillows.

Extra Lighting

Since there is less daylight in fall than in summer, add extra lamps around your home to bring in extra light.  Lamps provide light at eye level where light is needed and creates a warm glow around the room.  You can also add candles or a fire in the fireplace to add to your warm fall decor.

Bring Nature Inside

Since you will probably be spending less time outdoors in the fall due to the colder temperatures and less daylight, bring some of nature inside.  You can add pumpkins, twigs, or evergreen branches for a longer lasting display than cut flowers.

Rich Colours

Swap out accessories that have light, bright, or pastel colours for accessories with rich colours.  You can use colours such as cranberry, navy, hunter green, or orange.  Some more unique fall colours include peacock blue, eggplant, and metallic bronze.

Mad for Plaid

A plaid pillow, blanket, or table runner adds instant fall flair to a home.  You can even use a plaid scarf as a table runner or sew an old plaid shirt into a cute accent pillow for your bed.


Fall is a time to layer your accessories and fabrics.  You can layer multiple blankets on your bed, multiple rugs on the floor, or multiple table cloths of different sizes, colours, and patterns.

Don't Forget About Outside

Add some cool weather friendly flowers to your garden or potted on your front porch to welcome guests to your home.  The flowers should set the tone of your home before guests enter.  Consider selecting flowers that compliment

How to Update Your Decor for Fall

How to Decorate in an Eclectic Style

Many people do not want to conform to a particular design style - they prefer to appreciate architecture, furniture, and decor from many different styles.  An eclectic design style (a mix of different styles) can look very cohesive and artistic or it can look very junky and juvenile.  Here are some tips for obtaining a cohesive eclectic home design.

Purge the Junk, Keep the Quality

Make sure all of your eclectic pieces are quality and not hand me down junk.  If it is broken, fix it or get rid of it.  Refinish or reupholster any quality pieces of furniture to give them your eclectic design flair.  You can put modern fabric on a vintage chair or paint a traditional piece of furniture a bright bold colour.

Bigger is Better

For all design styles, including a cohesive style, fewer bigger objects look better than many smaller objects that tends to look clutter.  Bigger objects demand attention.

Nothing Too Ornate

Avoid items that are very ornate with many fussy carved details or intricate patterns.  Fussy and intricate items tend to make an eclectic design feel messy.

Don't Be Afraid of Colour

A bold pop of colour will give your eclectic room an artistic feel, especially if you use unique colours instead of the primary colours of red, blue, and yellow.  You can paint a wall or a larger piece of furniture a bold colour for wow factor.

Keep Collections Together

If you do have collections of similar items, keep them together as a grouping either in a cabinet or on a small table.  A collection of items can feel like one larger item as long as it is contained.  Avoid more than one collection per room.

Neat and Tidy

Make sure your favourite eclectic things are kept neat and tidy.  If you have many favourite eclectic things, consider displaying them at different times so your home does not feel like a thrift store.

Cohesive Element

The items in your room should have a cohesive element that links them together.  You can use a multi collared rug where all the other eclectic items in the room have colours found in the rug that makes them cohesive.

Use Vintage for a One of a Kind Design

Everyone has access to the discount store or decorating store down the street.  If you want a one of a kind eclectic design, select vintage furniture, accessories, and/or lighting.

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