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Thursday, 10 January 2013

How to Make a Candy Topiary

Candy topiaries are great decorations for birthday parties, baby showers, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day, and any other time of the year. Here are the steps to create your own custom topiary.

Things You'll Need:

Flower pot or comparable
Foam sphere(s) and foam shape for inside flower pot
Candy, either gummy or hard

1) Purchase a foam sphere(s) that is close to the colour of your candy, else you can paint it. Purchase candies that are round in shape for the best coverage. Do not get candies that are too large because they do not cover as well, unless you have smaller candies or colour sugar to fill in the gaps.

How to Make a Candy Topiary

2) Attach your candies to the foam sphere using glue. Hot glue or any quick drying glue would work. Consider making patterns with different colours of candy. Make sure to decorate the underside and back of the topiary.

3) Decorate the flower pot to compliment the topiary.

4) Poke the dowel into the decorated sphere. If using more than one sphere, continue the process for a multi-tiered effect. Put the opposite end into the foam shape inside your flower pot.

5) Decorate the top of the foam in the flower pot with candy so the pot looks full of candy.


If using unwrapped candy, it will not be a permanent decoration. It should be discarded after about a month or less.

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