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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

How to Fix Ripped Wallpaper

Just as the flaking wall paint, wallpaper does tend to get ripped off due to dampness or other reasons. As the wallpaper ages with the time, it often leave trail by falling down from the walls which should be fixed in proper time to protect it from extreme damage. Getting ripped wallpaper repaired, require money to redone it but it may cost you less if you are having the falling pieces of wallpaper. 

Although fixing the ripped wallpaper is an easy task but with the leftover pieces you have, will reduce the over spending of time as well as of money. Some of the wallpaper consumes time while others are easy to repair. Explore some as how you can repair and fix falling wallpaper in several different ways:

Mend the problem of damaged wallpaper by plucking out the unnecessary shrinks and protruding areas from the wallpaper. You need to have sharp edge knife to cut the bubbles and shrink area from the wallpaper that interrupt the beauty of wall. After cutting the specific damaged part, replace it with same kind new wallpaper.

How to Fix Ripped Wallpaper

After cutting the portion from the wallpaper bring some extra wallpaper matching to the already existing and cut into proper shape. Apply the cut wallpaper with apt adhesive onto the wall with force.

Large rips that had fallen or tear from the wallpaper have to be treated either by getting a piece of wallpaper photocopied or by replacing it with new wallpaper. New wallpaper may pose a threat to your pocket & budget while getting a damaged portion of wallpaper Xerox is cheaper and durable option. Make sure the quality of photocopy and paper is fine lest it will give unfinished look.

Apparently small tears on the wallpaper can also be fixed by applying photocopy or extra piece of wallpaper with apt adhesive. Extra wallpaper are given at the time installation but if any case you don’t have it, get an extract of wallpaper to have a photocopy of it and paste over the damaged area.

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