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Thursday, 10 January 2013

How to Display Trophies

If you or your children have a trophy collection, the collection can easily look junky if not displayed properly.  Here are some ideas for displaying trophies.

Trophy Case or Glass Door Cabinet

You can purchase or make a trophy case or glass cabinet to display trophies.  Also consider re-purposing an old china cabinet for trophies.

Shadow Box

You can purchase or make a shadow box to display trophies.  Multiple shadow boxes mounted on the wall together would be nice.


A standard bookcase can be used to display trophies.  If you have multiple children, consider allowing one or two shelves per child for their trophies.  They can display their most treasured trophies and put the others in another location.

How to Display Trophies

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a very popular option for displaying trophies.  Many stores sell floating shelves that are easy to install for a minimal price.

Along the Ceiling

If you or your child has or will have many trophies, consider running a shelf around the entire perimeter of their room above the top of the window for trophy display.  Since the shelf is so high up, the possibility of the trophies being bumped and damaged is lessened.

Alcove in the Wall

You can cut into the wall to make a recessed shelf or cabinet to house trophies.  A recessed alcove allows trophies to be displayed without taking up any floor space in the room. 

If the trophy collection becomes too large, consider displaying the most recent or most cherished trophies and packing away the others.

Consider displaying a team or individual photo with the trophy showing the event where the trophy was won.

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