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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

How to determine Your Decorating Style

When decorating your home, you may want to fill it with everything you love.  You may love old and new, hard and soft, ethnic and regional, as well as minimal and cozy.  Mixing all of those styles together in one room will most likely end up looking odd, so you should consider using one style in your home.  Here are some tips to consider when determining your decorating style to have a cohesively well decorated home:

Everyone is Included

Work with all the members of your household to come up with your home's decorating style.  Most men will not feel comfortable living in an all pink house while most women will not feel comfortable living in a home that is filled with all black leather and chrome.  Having one decorating style for your home should be agreed upon prior to decorating.

Form Follows Function

Functionality must be considered when determining a decorating style.  If you have pets or small children, a style consisting of small fragile items, white carpet, or items that collect finger prints may not be the best solution.

How to determine Your Decorating Style

Favorite Things

When deciding on your decorating style, collect your favorite decor items from your home and photos of homes you may have collected over the years.  What items make you happy?  What items do you feel are most beautiful?  What items compliment your lifestyle?  What works with your home's architecture, climate, and location?

Blended Style

You don't have to have one decorating style for your home - you can have a blend of two styles that work together.  If one person likes beach style and the other likes modern, find a way to combine the two to have a clean lined style with beach accents.  Some of the most successfully decorated rooms use combined decorating styles to create a one of a kind space that is unique to that home.

Separate Rooms

If you absolutely love different decorating styles and must have several different ones in your home, consider using different decor styles in different rooms of your home, as long as the rooms are separated by a door.  You can have different bedrooms with different personalities as long as the main open area of your home has one decorating style.

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