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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

How to Decorate a Man Cave

Men sometimes feel the need to have a room for just them - no kids or wives allowed (under normal circumstances).  This "man cave" is a place for men to relax with their buddies and enjoy their hobbies without having to worry about the volume of their voice or sharing the TV remote control.  When decorating a man cave, here are a few things to keep in mind.


Men like to yell at the television when watching sports.  Usually, not everyone in the house appreciates their enthusiasm.  Having a man cave with a door is important.  A man cave located away from the main house, such as in a garage apartment, is even better.


What does the man want in his cave?  A bar?  A pool table?  A big TV?  Bookshelves?  Arcade games?  Mini fridge?  Wine storage?  Make sure there is ample room for all activities.


Men like their electronics big and fancy.  This is one area where wives may want to let the men make their own selections since it is their man cave.

How to Decorate a Man Cave


A man cave is one room where decorating with a theme is not a bad idea.  Perhaps the theme is football, golf, skateboards, skiing, hunting, poker, motorcycles, beer, wine, cigars, or a certain collectible.  Whatever the man is passionate about can be his decorating theme.  Make sure the themed accessories are not cheap and mass produced.  Vintage items within the theme would be great accessories.


The man cave is a place of relaxation where comfort is key.  Do not decorate it with pretty furniture that is not as comfortable - comfort must be the first requirement.  Men want recliners and coffee tables they can put their feet on.


Furniture in the man cave must be very durable to withstand men.  There will be nobody there telling them to keep their feet off the sofa or to use a drink coaster.  They will abuse this furniture, so make sure it is durable and easily cleanable.


Leather is a man's favorite fabric.  Instead of black leather, consider worn brown leather.  You can also decorate using geometric patterns, but avoid floral.


A man cave is a great place for a man to store all of his collections.  The boxes of stamps, baseball cards, rocks, and other things that are taking up room inside your home can now be housed in the man cave.  Make sure there is ample storage to keep all of the man's collectibles, even if they are not on display.

Smoking Section

If the man enjoys smoking, or his buddies enjoy smoking, having a designated smoking area in or near the man cave is suggested.  Having a designated area keeps cigar and cigarette butts contained as well as the odor.  

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