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Saturday, 12 January 2013

How To Buy The Perfect Bed

There are few feelings more welcoming than the anticipation of warmth and comfort offered by your bed each and every night. Yes, when the boss is being a pain, the train is forever delayed and everything seems to be going wrong, many of us look forward to nothing more than that feeling of gentle relaxation that a cosy mattress and a snug bed can provide at the end of a hard day.

However, for millions of Britons this hope for night-time bliss is merely a dream, as statistics from the new Shattered Britain study show that up to 75% of us aren’t getting a good night’s sleep. And why is this? Sleep expert Nerina Ramlakhan says that a lot of people are going to bed ‘tired but wired’, over-stimulated by the abundance of technology and the fast-paced lifestyle that living in 2012 brings.

Her suggestion for improving the quality of your sleep is very simple: the mattress and bed that you choose has to be the absolute right one for you. We are all different, and our requirements for a restful and supportive mattress vary from person to person.

In order to help you to decide what bed and mattress will provide the best night’s sleep for you, here are offer a few handy tips to help you on your quest for a complete night’s rest:

How To Buy The Perfect Bed

Size Matters – 

Sharing a bed with your other half shouldn’t be a constant fight for the duvet! Beds come in a range of sizes, from single all the way up to super king size. Make sure your bed offers enough space for both you and your partner to enjoy a restful night.

Comfort Matters – 

Like in ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, finding a mattress that isn’t too hard or too soft is key to enjoying a bed that feels “just right”. A mattress that doesn’t offer the right support can cause muscle aches and interrupted sleep. It might be worth visiting a specialist bed retailer like Silentnight, where you can choose from a wider variety of mattresses that are specially designed to provide targeted support where you need it.

Style Matters – 

Your bedroom should be a place where you look forward to relaxing, and so a stylish, aesthetically pleasing bed design which matches the décor of your home is essential. Look for stylish headboards and frame designs that could add a unique touch to your bedroom.

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