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Monday, 21 January 2013

Give Your Bedding A Makeover

One of the easiest ways to makeover your bedroom is to change your bedding. Ideal bedding should draw the eye and express your sense of style while providing you a cozy, comfortable place to rest your head. Use these tips to refresh your bedding for winter.

Vacation every night with hotel bedding

What makes a hotel bed? Crisp white sheets, fluffy pillows, tight corners and a soft fleece blanket under a white duvet give your bed the feeling of a luxurious hotel bed. To transform your bed into a hotel bed, flip or rotate your mattress for maximum support and softness. 

Practice making your bed with tight hospital corners. Tuck a fleece blanket in neutral colors in over your loose sheet. Cover everything with a neutral or white duvet stuffed with down bedding. Chocolates on the pillows are optional.

Go minimal with modern bedding

The hottest trend in bedding is modern style with sleek lines. Inspired by the clean feel of Japanese bedding, modern bedding is meant to be tucked around the mattress on a platform that shows off the structure of the bed itself. Forget bed skirts and long, draping coverlets. 

Choose a heavy but flat blanket or sham that fits your mattress with no excess fabric hanging over the edges. Use a small selection of decorative pillows to accent your tightly-made bed. Choose sheets and covers in warm tones like cream, olive, dark teal and chocolate.

Give Your Bedding A Makeover

Refresh your bedroom with colorful bedding

Want to change the look of your entire bedroom without painting or purchasing new furniture? Give your bedding a total makeover. The easiest way to create a stunning new look is to change the color of your bedding. Try a duvet cover or throw pillows in the season's hottest color trends, such as gray and orange or bold plum. 

Make an all-white bed and accent it with decorative pillows in jewel tones like turquoise or bright metallic. To bring the entire look together, invest in one or two accent pieces in your room that draw from the color scheme of your bedding, such as a decorative vase or colorful art print.

Choose textures and prints over fussy bedding

The dust-gathering, fussy trend of using dozens of pillows and excess blankets has thankfully ended. A bed that's fit for queen only results in extra work when it's time for the queen to make the bed. Give your bedding pop and style by using coverlets, blankets and pillows with texture. 

Even an ivory sham will stand out when it's quilted with geometric or floral texture. Use no more than three accent pillows and add color to the bed with a textured or printed blanket draped artfully over the foot of the bed.

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