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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Gift Ideas for a Home

Whether you are shopping for a housewarming gift, a Christmas gift, a Valentines gift, or a birthday gift, selecting an appropriate item for someone's home can be difficult. Here are a few gift ideas to consider when shopping for someone else's home.

Monogrammed Towel

A monogrammed guest hand towel compliments most decor. When giving as a gift, select one in a neutral color with the monogramming in either a darker neutral color or a color that compliments the recipient's guest bathroom. The monogram font should be traditional if the bathroom is traditional or modern if the bathroom is modern.


Candles are appreciated by most people. When gifting a candle, select one in a neutral color, such as white or cream, to compliment most home decor. Purchase a candle with a pleasant scent that is not too strong. Candles with a fruit or spice scent are great for a kitchen while candles with a floral scent are great for a bathroom or bedroom.

Plants or Flowers

Almost everyone loves fresh flowers or a potted plant. Fresh flowers are lovely for about a week, but a potted plant may last for years. Consider gifting a potted plant that can lasted be planted in the recipient's garden.

Gift Ideas for a Home

Picture Frame

A small easel picture frame is a nice gift, especially with a personal picture, artwork, or note inside. Once again, select a picture frame that is not too plain but not too fancy to blend into many different styles of homes.

Filled Glass Canister

Glass canisters can be used to store many different items within a home, such as rice in the kitchen or cotton balls in the bathroom. Consider giving a gift of a glass canister with something else inside, such as Valentines love notes, candy, Christmas cookies, or whatever else you think the recipient might like.

Decorating Magazine

Consider giving a decorating magazine subscription as a gift. Make sure to order your recipient a magazine that is appropriate for their decorating style. Do not get them a country decorating magazine if they are into modern design.

Gift Card

When in doubt; give them a gift card to a large store that has whatever they may need. Don't get a gift card to a specialty high end boutique where they may not shop and may be inconvenient for them to visit. Consider giving a gift card to a large department store, home improvement store, or bed and bath store.

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