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Thursday, 10 January 2013

French Provincial Decor

French provincial style is a reflection of homes in France's provinces in the 17th and 18th century. People who lived in the provinces of France at that time were not usually as well off as the city dwellers, so they were not able to purchase the grand ornate furniture.  People living in France's provinces had less ornate and more functional furniture.  

See the tips below for decorating in a French provincial style.

Furnish Your Home with Armoires

Most French homes at this time did not have closets because closets were considered a room and homes were taxed according to the number of rooms they had.  Instead of closets, people used armoires to hold their things.  Armoires were usually elaborately carved with large hinges.

French Provincial Decor

Hang Mirrors on Your Walls 

Mirrors are used to reflect light around a room and are very prevalent in French provincial style. Get an ornate gold or carved wood mirror.  You can also make a large mirror out of smaller mirror squares with an ornate metal knob at the intersections.

Select Fabrics with Embroidery

Embroidery is very prevalent in French provincial style since embroidery was a skill all well to do women of that time should have. You can decorate your home with embroidered pillows, draperies, and/or bed linens.  Monogramming would also be a nice option.

Update Your Decor For Today

An updated and more modern French provincial style is becoming very popular. Consider modifying lower quality antique furniture to fit your modern home. You can replace the hardware on furniture with modern knobs and paint it a bold colour or you can paint an antique French provincial chair a metallic colour or recover it in a bold fabric. 

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