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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Fixing Scratches on Glass

Scratches on glass or mirror are common problem in every home because where there is children glass objects do get scratchy and certainly develops marks. Fixing glass scratches seem to be a problem earlier but today we can discard them with several ways and chemical available in the market. We all have so many glass items at home especially decorative things, cup & saucer and dinner set etc. while even a single dent can get us on nerve. 

Smooth and transparent glass enhances the beauty of cupboard but what should be done when new glass gets unwanted scratches? We have got some exclusive ways that can be useful to remove the scratches form all your glass items, read out:

Glass scratches from table tops, closet glass etc. can repair using non-gel type toothpaste which is said to be helpful in making unwanted marks invisible. Just paste some toothpaste over the glass and let it dry. After few minutes wipe off the hard paste with cloth.

Applying thin layer of colorless or transparent nail paint help making scratches invisible. Apply a thin coat of transparent nail color on the marks of the glass and leave for drying.

Glass scratches can also be removed by rubbing a damp cloth in Brass which is called metal polish. Pour some drops of brass on a clean cloth and rub the scratch over the glass several times.

We often see scratches on sunglasses, but they can easily mend using glass-etching cream that can avail from market. Apply this cream over the glass of sunglasses by dabbing it on a cotton wool and leave it for few seconds. Wipe off with wet cloth and repeat the process if scratches are still there.

Glass scratches can also fixed with traditional home remedy by mixing dry mustard with white vinegar into a paste and applying it on the glass top to mend the scratch.

Deep and extreme marks on the glass of table or other surface can damage the look of furnishing, so it is advisable to contact professional expert to get away with the scratches

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