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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Each Tree Tells A Unique Story That Diy Projects Commemorate

A small boy accidentally damages a sapling tree while playing and runs crying to his parents. The father splints and wraps the tree, and it miraculously survives an uncommonly brutal winter due to the family’s ministrations.

The damaged tree thrives, becoming a symbol of rebirth to the child, but the family eventually moves away, and decades pass. In an astonishing example of coincidental syzygy, the boy’s grandchild rents the same property 70 years later, but lightning strikes and fells the tree. The life cycle of the tree ends, but DIY projects could preserve the memories by converting the tree’s wood into treasured family heirlooms.

Transform a Fallen Tree

Every tree truly tells a unique story that can span decades or centuries, and people can keep these memories alive by creating furniture, accessories, and remembrances from versatile wood. Freak ice storms, auto accidents, hurricanes, and lightning could cause any family to lose a precious tree. DIY projects that transform fallen trees into useful items include making children’s toys, decorative items, household furniture, or landscaping structures.

Trees make great clock bases, wooden blocks, counters, chairs, chests-of-drawers, table tops, wardrobes, fences, and bridges to the past. Rustic slabs of wood serve as candle bases, stepping stones, cutting boards, birdhouses, doghouses, and planters. Starting a DIY project becomes affordable, sustainable and respectful when people re-purpose fallen backyard trees.

Projects Challenge Ingenuity

Choosing the right projects helps keep sentimental memories alive. Pick a project appropriate to the quantity of wood, type of tree, available tools, and skill level of the woodworker. Rustic stumps make perfect bases for tables, flower vases, wooden clocks, planters, decorative centre pieces, and artistic accents.

Remember that tree bark falls off when exposed to the elements. Craftspeople could incorporate the rustic look of natural trees or leave them outside until the bark erodes. Slabs of rustic tree stumps make stunning stepping stones or colourful walkways through organic gardens.

People concerned about incubating insects could kill off parasites by freezing the wood. Glossy finishes and waxes help seal wood and extend its life. Interior wall treatments and furniture need special attention to preserve the wood’s integrity, which craftspeople accomplish by sanding, finishing, painting and waxing.

Each Tree Tells A Unique Story That Diy Projects Commemorate

Rustic Wood DIY Projects

Tree branches make perfect wooden coins, building blocks, and wooden letters and numerals that families could pass down for generations. Pine makes excellent headboards for beds, and craftspeople could decorate an older piece of furniture with rustic wood slabs that make the furniture appear as if it were composed of logs. Old logs make great birdhouses, lamps and garden benches, and handy consumers can get detailed building instructions online for all kinds of DIY projects.

Wood Finishing Tips and Techniques

Sanding operations progress from coarse abrasives to fine-grit sandpaper, whether sanding by hand or with power tools. Try starting with 80-grit sandpaper, follow with 120-grit, and finish the project with 180-grit sandpaper. 

Always test wood stains on scraps or trimmings because resulting shades of color depend on the types of wood and finishing preparations. Treat the samples to the same finishing techniques used for the main project.

Good quality brushes speed up staining projects, hold more finish, and prove less likely to shed bristles. Synthetic brushes work well for water-based stains, but oil-bases finishes look better when applied by natural-bristle brushes. Invest in good brushes to make projects easier to complete, cleaning them thoroughly after each use to preserve them for staining future crafts.

Sanding wood between finishing coats needs a light touch to avoid removing the finish. Sand lightly to remove dust whiskers between coats and repair any rubbed-through spots promptly. Make sure to have all tools and materials at hand before beginning any project to transform a tree into useful décor that preserves treasured memories.

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