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Thursday, 10 January 2013


At the beginning of the Nineties it seemed that the spreading of the Internet would lead to the disappearance of the offices; now that this revolution is a reality we can see that the change has radically affected the home space too: since it is possible to work anywhere, it is just as normal to find a working corner in any house.

With very different philosophies and solutions, design has faced these themes planning spaces and furniture that can meet the numerous functional and aesthetic requirements of a hybrid environment such as a home office.

The international creative agency Hangar Design Group has tackled the issue too, creating the Dot box storage system made for Dieffebi.

Dot box is a practical and intelligent solution that, as to elegance and aesthetic rigor  matches the need to contain and file materials with the need to furnish and personalize the environments.


Its strength lies in its ability to extend both vertically and horizontally with innumerable combining possibilities in a modular and stack able system. The casing is characterized by rigorous lines and adapts to any environment thanks to its minimal look and to the tailoring care and refinement of every single detail and finish.

Minimal design and cleanliness of shapes, nothing superfluous hinders functionality. The color choice favors contrast: white and warm grey for the furniture casing and a palette of bright colors for the handles and internal panels. Just one thing is constant in the compositions: the three connecting “dots” between modules that become the graphic leitmotif the systems gets its name from.

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  1. DotBox is a modular system of storage units whose strength lies in its ability to extend both vertically and horizontally with countless possible combinations. It is ideal for organising open plan spaces, dividing areas with different functions and allowing for smooth spatial planning that stimulates the staff in a productive way.
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