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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Design A Kids’ Bed Room

Come school age and decorating a child's bedroom becomes a lot trickier. Not only does the average child bring with it fifty times its own body weight in toys, clothes, books, school equipment and general stuff, but their room goes from being a place to sleep to everything from a social club, study area, play room, craft workshop and hideaway. 

Plus, s/he will almost certainly have strong design ideas of own - not all that chime with your personal aesthetic. Nevertheless, as long as you follow a few basic rules, you should be able to come up with a comfortable, practical room that you both love.

5 Golden Rules For Children's Rooms

Plan Ahead

Plan at least three years in advance - hard to imagine now, but in a couple of years their great long legs will be dangling over the end of that cute little toddler bed.

Storage, Storage, Storage

You cannot have too much storage - unless you have catastrophically birthed Ann Maurice, there will only ever be more stuff.

Design A Kids’ Bed Room

Don't Theme It

Don't go all out on a dominant theme - it may look fabulous, but you cannot throw away every present they are given that doesn't match.

Make Them Think It's What They Want

Listen to what they want but interpret it loosely - kids change their minds in a heartbeat.

Be Realistic

Keep it flexible - they want to share, they don't want to share, it's your son's room, it's your daughter's room, it's the spare room - remember modern living is all about flux before you commit to that fitted daisy carpet.

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