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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Decorating with Different Patterns

Would you like to have a well decorated home but are afraid of mixing too many different patterns together? 

Here are some suggestions for how to decorate your home using different patterns.

1)  Start decorating your home by selecting one large patterned item to be your focal point. This can be a rug, curtains, simple patterned artwork, or an occasional chair. This large scale focal object will set the colour scheme for the entire room. 

Use caution if using more than one large scale pattern in your room because it may make your room feel busy, overwhelming, and not restful.  The patterned item that is your focal point can be multi-coloured or monochromatic.

2)  Add to the room at least one object in a medium scale pattern. Consider using an ottoman, bed covering, or a blanket on the sofa. This object or objects should have a pattern that incorporates the colours of the large scale pattern. The medium scale object(s) does not have to have all of the colours, but it should have at least one or two.

3)  Finish decorating your room using smaller scale patterns on smaller objects. Pillows would be great with a smaller scale pattern. The smaller objects should have at least one of the colours in the larger object.

Decorating with Different Patterns


Consider using different types of patterns, such as a large floral, a medium stripe, and a small dot.  Mixing different scaled floral patterns can be difficult to achieve a cohesive decor.

Consider using a solid neutral colour on large expensive items that are not your focal fabric, such as a sofa.  By keeping the sofa a solid neutral colour, the furniture is more versatile.  You can even decide at a later date to move the sofa to another room and it can complement the decor in that room just by changing out the pillows.

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