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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Decorating Dorm Rooms

Dormitory rooms of today have replaced those old days’ stapled sheets on walls and concrete block shelving. Students are becoming modern with a view to change their dorm room for a more organized look. This task can be challenging for anybody as it need to be de clutter and arranging things which has to be pre decided. Before decorating this room roommates have to decide upon the color and themes for this room to make it nice and funky.

This room should be organized in all ways as the things around the room complement each other. Sometimes it can be excited, overwhelming and confusing to be decided upon where to start. But once you and your roommate have decided of the things to be get into the room you may find this task much easier and interesting. There are adequate things in the market which you can take for the dorm. However, be creative and innovative while making out for dorm as it should stand apart from other roommate dorms.

Begin with wall murals and paintings

To start with a dorm room decoration, try out your favorite paintings, posters and color scheme for walls. Getting the right item for dorm is main focus and if you want to get a budgeted dorm then you need to be careful for your wall color. Be organized with dorm rooms as items need to be kept intact. Color scheme, fabric pattern, hanging bins for the closet, stackable wire baskets and adjustable shelving units should be perfectly organize in your dorm.

Shop for budgeted bed, draperies and accessories

After deciding on colors scheme you can go for shopping of the other things such as bedding, curtains, rugs and accessories for this room. This is not an individual room but a shared room so others suggestions and choice should be welcomed. This room can have unlimited colors and mix n match scheme is not important here. You can have a general theme and plunge upon to buy the things to complement. Floral prints, vintage flair, warm floral and ethnic themes are some of the nice themes which would be as good as anything for dorm room.

Wooden beds, metal beds, wrought iron beds are some of the choice for bedding however wood is the most reliable and solid. If you want to go for inexpensive bed just decorate with accent pillows which will provide it a stylish and nice look. The most budgeted curtains are georgette that can be decorated with a piece of fabric draped above. You can also add a touch a style with extra things such as fringes and frills. This can be very inexpensive form of drapery for a dorm room. 

Cotton hand towels can be used twisted tightly into a rope and sewn together at the end makes circle rug for bathroom. This rug is colorful, washable, non-slippery and most inexpensive. 

Try out some non-extravagant accessories that can also look great on the walls. Instead of expensive and luxurious artworks you can paint your walls like a painting. This could be creative and colorful task for this room.

Decorating Dorm Rooms

Be colorful

Make your dormitory a colorful place, as students tend to make this place bland. Be a little more creative and bold with colors such as red, blue, green and orange. But stay away from drab and gloomy colors like gray, black or brown. And to add more colors search for things that are cozy and comfy. Create your own place which will be restful and enjoyable in your college stressful life.

Bring your room some funky and interesting decorative things

This room should have some interesting decorative things which will make your dorm lively. Post cards murals are best to display your and your roommates’ creativity. Bring in those different places post cards murals which you and your friends have brought from around the places and paste it either on walls or in some containers on the table.

Plants are the other good option to decorate your dorm as they make your room a living place. Fix curtains by replacing those ugly sheets which might have been your dorm bleak. Try out some decorative curtains that may charm and enhance the décor. Do not be extravagant in doing so buy some cheap curtains that you may find in small markets. 

Lamps in student’s room are as necessary as books as lamp light would make this room lively and homely. The other way to decorate your dormitory is through window decoration. 

These were some basic things which can adopt in your dormitory to brighten up. It is not important to buy expensive items for this room however you can go for cheap material according to your budget which will equally look good.

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