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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Décor For The Bedroom

It’s that time of year when you begin to start thinking warm thought as Christmas nears and the cold begins to take shape. Whether it’s purchasing a nice warm jacket or preparing your home, having the right idea will set you on your way.

As the temperatures plummet this winter, we all need to be prepared to deal with the bitter cold. Nothing is worse than being cold in bed. The bedroom, sometimes, feels like the only place where you can escape the bitter hands of winter. 

Warmth is not only created by blankets and duvets, it is also created by the décor of a room. You can create warmth by simply decorating your room in such a way that it becomes a cosy haven, using certain colours and materials.

Décor For The Bedroom

For example, this Shirsha Bedside Table is a beautiful table that radiates a feeling of rustic warmth whilst still retaining a contemporary design. It is a minimalist design with two functioning drawers. 

The design is modern and stylish, yet the wood has been stained a dark brown colour. Set against creams and terracotta colours, you can enhance the cosiness of your room.

A lovely compliment to this bedside table would be this fantastic Zinnia Canopy Bed. The brilliant thing about this bed is that the natural wood finish gives it a country-esque charm, but at the same time with the canopy overhead it is a perfect slice of paradise in the summer. 

Both of the above items come from designer Red Living. Red Living pride themselves on designing furniture that is both stylish and functional.

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