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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Bungalow Interior Design

Bungalow is generally one story building that may spread to long area with rectangular shape plot. Designing bungalow can be something of an experience because unlike individual houses or multi-story buildings, bungalows comparatively have huge space with enough rooms to interior design specifically. With the wide open space outdoor accompanied by garden, bungalows represent democratic vision of unprecedented home design.

Bungalows are usually constructed with plenty of windows, vents and some extraordinary traditional sections while if you yourself design it, can be any but if happened to purchase already constructed you may have different sections which eventually need precise interior design for better appearance. Interior design a bungalow seems to be a challenging job because with so many rooms and sections vigil detailing is mandatory.

To give an integrated feeling, it is necessary to link every part of indoor & outdoor with interior design.

Theme, decoration, color palette, drapery and furnishing etc. play wide important role in creating flow in the interiors of bungalow. With the much space in the rooms, designing is easy with few accents and furnishings while enhancing the beauty by splashing colors.

Bungalow Interior Design

Choose a specific color scheme to create the magic all over the bungalow while accentuate with unusual accent or pattern of different color or decorating decals on the walls.

To create more visual space glass partition instead of brick walls or slide partition is good option. Glass doors provide unity and look impressive while fusing the indoor and outdoor environment.

Go green by landscaping with small trees and beautiful plants in the outdoor. Main exterior can be decorated with brick stone and creepers coming over it to give the typical tropical feeling.

Do not bulk the rooms thinking that there is lot of space that can be used to fill any junk. Keep a different section for storage and organize everything there without spoiling the look of other rooms.

Lighting is another integrated part that can be of any kind contemporary or modern to illuminate the interior décor. Although natural light is enough to make the décor harmonious & serene yet decorative lights are important to illuminate the night decor.

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