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Friday, 18 January 2013

Bring the outside indoors with use of organic furniture

Organic interior home decorating means using natural light, recycled materials and home decor elements that create a relaxed, comfortable and laid back space to enjoy. These type of materials are becoming more and more popular with families.

How to Bring Nature into Home Decorating

Organic design and natural decorating incorporates fields, forests, sky and ocean in the form of textures, materials, textiles and accessories. Colors such as summer sky blue, cloudy white, sun yellow, lavender purple, willow green and rich earth tones are all elemental to natural interior design.

Inviting Mother Nature into the home through home design is an exceptional way to get back to basics while infusing a house with warmth, color, purpose and practicality. When the doors are opened and the outdoors is brought inside, an endless stream of decorating possibilities is unlocked.

To truly accomplish organic design is to engage all the senses, work with nature’s seasons, and pay respect to nature. With each changing season, look outdoors for vibrant interior design inspiration. For example, the colors and shapes in a blooming garden, the lushness and texture of a grassy meadow can all become creative inspiration for new curtains in the family room, a new paint color for the kitchen or redecorating an entire bedroom.

Bring the outside indoors with use of organic furniture

Light Is Essential to Organic Interior Design

One of the central features of natural or organic decorating is natural light. If windows are covered with heavy curtain panels and room darkening blinds, the beauty and warmth of the sun is blocked – this is not part of a nature inspired space.

Cheap plastic mini blinds and synthetic material vertical blinds are also taboo in natural decorating. Look for light filtering fabrics such as summer weight linen, Egyptian cotton and silk. If a room receives heavy morning or afternoon sun, choose bamboo or wicker matchstick roman blinds or the ever popular California shutters made from rich, solid woods such as teak, oak or beech. This will reduce the amount of light that enters into your room.

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