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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Brighten up the drawing room in your house

One of the first priorities that comes to every person’s mind while designing the interiors of his/her house is selecting the optimum and perfect shade of your drawing room color. Drawing room is a place where a person, along with his family, friends and guests spend the most part of his day and therefore is an important part of the room.

It is also a place where a person can display all his creativity and skills to decorate the drawing room and thus create a lasting impression in the minds of the guests. While selecting the color of the interiors of your drawing room, you need to make sure that the color blends totally with the rest of the furniture, crockery and decorative items in the room.

You also need to choose a color keeping in mind the amount of sunlight entering the room. It so happens that people make the mistake of choosing a light shade when the room gets exposed to an enormous amount of sunlight making the room look extra bright and thus hurtful to the eyes. Here are some color shades and their features that will add a new dimension to your drawing room. 

Blue shade

Blue shades are not that very much experimented in common drawing rooms. But you need to understand that blue is a color that will give a refreshing and invigorating look to the room. To give a different feeling of atmosphere, you could even add a tint of blue shade with a white color. 

Brighten up the drawing room in your house

Green shade

Drawing rooms can be made refreshing and relaxing with a tint of light hues of green color. By painting a single wall with a light green shade and the other walls with a contrasting color, your room could easily look magnificent and enticing.

Red shade

Red is a good shade that can work wonders in your room if used in the proper manner. Do not make the mistake of using too much of red shades as it will make you restless and agitated. 

Neutral shade

Many people opt for a neutral texture to the drawing room as there is nothing like that in order to highlight the exhibits and decorations in your room. Go for rice flour lavender grey, betrothal fuchsia and pale chestnut peach shades that are available almost in all brands of paints.

Brown shade

Brown is the way to go if you want to give a classy look to your drawing room. The highlight of using a brown shade is that it will completely complement the rest of the furniture, woodwork in your room thus giving a heightened impression. Selecting a shade for your drawing room interiors is completely your choice.

Make a wise and judicious choice and cross check with other factors such as the sunlight exposure, complementing the furniture and woodwork, complementing the decorations and such. Always infuse new ideas and innovations to make your drawing room look great and welcoming. 

Use complementing colors and encourage the choice to mix colors and giving a new texture to the room. Using a single wall as a focal point and giving it a different shade than the other walls in the room is an innovative option. Welcome the guests in your house to a refreshing drawing room and enjoy praise from your guests and friends.

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