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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Bathroom color

Designing interiors that perfectly reflect the aesthetics of its dwellers is fast becoming the trend of the day. The interiors of a home speak volumes about the inhabitants and their tastes. Choosing the right colors for one’s bathroom can considerably enhance the interiors. However, there are certain important factors one must bear in mind before planning to customize one’s bathroom according to the desired tastes. 

The issue of size

Before deciding on a suitable color for the bathroom, it is essential that one has a fairly good idea about its size. Gauging the size of the bathroom can help one determine the color. For instance, small bathrooms usually look good with light or neutral colors and might also make it appear larger. For bigger bathrooms one can go for darker colors in the walls which can provide a stronger look. Choosing the color based on the size of one’s restroom can therefore prove to be beneficial.

Knowing the color format 

Randomly painting the bathroom with arbitrary colors is certainly not a viable option for someone trying to customize his interiors. Knowing the right color scheme and format before setting about to paint can be very helpful. There are primarily three color schemes one can choose from:

Basic or tonal color scheme: 

A basic or tonal color scheme uses different shades of a single color. This creates uniformity with respect to the hues. For example, one can choose a particular shade of red for the walls and a darker shade for the floors.

Agreeable colors:

Painting the bathroom with an agreeable color scheme renders an overall soothing look. Using colors that are close to each other in the color wheel can provide a pleasant look to the bathroom.

Bathroom color

Complementary scheme: 

Choosing a complimentary scheme of colors is to pick colors that lie opposite to each other in the color wheel. This color scheme provides a look that is high in contrast. Based on personal aesthetics one can opt for a contrasting and bold look for his bathroom.

Overall mood and ambience

Colors can significantly alter the overall ambience and mood of interiors. It is therefore important that one chooses a color that can effectively reflect the mood he wishes to create. Choosing red or violet for one’s bathroom elicits boldness and vibrancy.

Brighter colors such as yellow or white sparks up the interiors whereas blue and green display calmness and serenity. The choice of colors is heavily dependent on personal tastes and different people may choose colors that best reflect their individual aesthetic senses.

Matching accessories in the bathroom

While the colors on the walls and floor are important factors to determine the ambience of the restroom, one should be careful not to neglect the colors of the accessories present in the bathroom. Matching the accessories with the overall color tone of the bathroom adds an extra touch to the design element. 

Adding interesting colors to the floor tiles and having tap wares with complimentary colors can noticeably enhance the look of the bathroom. Keeping the above factors in mind, one can be suitably equipped to customize his/her bathroom based on personal tastes and fancies.

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