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Monday, 4 March 2013

Bar Stool Heights

Did you know that bar stools come with different seat heights?  Some bar stools are only available in one of the heights while other manufacturers sell the same bar stool made in many different heights.  When purchasing bar stools, you must know which height you need.  There are 4 main bar stool heights that are used depending on where the bar stool is located.

Table Height

Most standard dining tables are around 30" high, requiring a standard height chair or table height bar stool.   A table height bar stool typically has an 18" high seat height.

Counter Height

Most countertops are around 36" high, requiring a counter height bar stool.  Counter height bar stools typically have a 24" high seat height; however the seat height could range between 23" and 28" high.

Bar Stool Heights

High Bar Height

A typical high bar is 42" high, requiring a high bar stool (probably the most common height bar stool).  A standard height bar stool for a high bar has a 30" high seat height; however the seat height could range between 29" and 32" high. 

Spectator Height

Manufacturers are starting to sell extra tall bar stools, often called spectator bar stools, that typically have a seat height of 36" or higher.  These bar stools often have a foot rest, arm rest, and back for comfort.  Spectator height bar stools can be used behind other furniture to allow for a better view.  Consider using spectator height stools at the back of a room with a large television to accommodate more people being able to view the TV.

Adjustable Bar Stools

When using a bar stool for multiple areas, consider getting an adjustable bar stool to accommodate a variety of situations.

If using a row of bar stools, you will typically want to leave each person using the bar stool a minimum distance of 24".  You can measure this distance from the center of one bar stool to the center of another.

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