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Monday, 21 January 2013

A Sneak At How Celebrities Decorate Their Homes

Sometimes when some of us want to give way to fantasies and dreams, we take an interior design magazine and look at famous people’s houses. This is a fun activity, as long as we don’t start despairing over what we can’t have.

Though expensive, luxurious mansions are out of our reach, there are certain things we can do to make our home look more like some famous stars. Famous people also follow certain trends and when it becomes fashionable to sport hot pink color on their walls, or a chevron pattern on pillows and bedspreads, we can also decorate details in our home in the same style.

Lenny Kravitz and his design company took time to make a dream house out of a huge 47-story tower in Miami. He uses marble walls, luscious chandeliers, courageous wall patterns, movie screens, endless stairs and similar “tricks” to make his mansion look perfectly cozy but modern and innovative.

Though our means would never allow such extravagance in our homes, we can steal some of the tricks. For example, he put a lot of plants in the lobby and separated the outside garden with a glass wall, so that it almost looks like there is no boundary between the inside and the outside. The lobby looks even bigger and almost like a fairy tale garden. You can use similar methods to open up an inside space and make it look like it is outside, green and alive.

A Sneak At How Celebrities Decorate Their Homes

Just like living in a hotel

Decorate your home to look like Ritz hotel, but with an abundance of color. Do by mixing bold colors with luxurious materials, charismatic details and expensive furniture, creating a fairy tale-like effect throughout.

Looking at the bedroom that is slightly toned down, compared to the rest of the colorful home, we notice the wonderful symmetry of green bedspread and walls, and a single green pillow on the black chair. Silver walls are an unexpected and very effective addition to the green resting place. The bed is large and simple – no need to overspend there, but no doubt the mattress is expensive and the most comfortable there is.

Turned a huge house built as a stable into a wonderful display of vintage dream. There are no screaming colors or shocking pieces of furniture. Creamy, brownish tones prevail and the ultimate result is the pacifying, warm atmosphere that dominates each room. Even the impeccable white kitchen is made to look warm and welcome with the addition of red chairs and lots of light coming in through the windows and doors.

Though we can’t replicate the luxury of such a home, we can certainly remodel our own furniture, chairs, tables and photo frames to look vintage and inviting.

It’s always questionable how much a celebrity is contributing to home’s design, because many of them give total control to their interior designer. Some of them, however, like to have the upper hand in what’s happening in their home and it is inspiring to see how they remodel a place.

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