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Tuesday, 5 March 2013


The kitchen is like the heartbeat of the house. Whether it be family or friends, the kitchen seems to attract people to it even if they’re not the ones doing the cooking, or cleaning for that matter! Given that kitchens have become such social hubs within the home, it’s little wonder that open designs have become the norm. Here are 5 tips for styling an open kitchen into your home interior.

1. Remove Overhead Cabinets and Partitions

Open plan living creates a feeling of spaciousness and allows people to flow freely and easily throughout the home. To open up the kitchen the first thing to do is remove overhead cabinets or partitioning walls that currently segregate the room from the rest of the living zones. 

It’s not always feasible to remove walls though and it’s important to seek professional advice before attempting this. If you’re stuck with a wall why not find out if you can open it up in a window fashion. Explore all options before resorting to an entire floor plan remodel. Once overhead cupboards and partitions are removed you will feel the difference instantly.

2. Well Lit Spaces

Well lit spaces always feel more inviting and open than dim rooms that lack natural light. Add in extra windows where possible and remove any pelmets and such that overhang, essentially blocking light and making the space feel more enclosed. Swap out heavy window furnishings with sheer options that allow the maximum amount of light in. 

It’s smart to install a heavy blind to block out the elements during severe weather periods and for privacy in the evenings to pull down over your sheer curtains or blinds as needed.


3. Effective Exhaust

When the kitchen is open to large areas of the home the cooking smells can quickly penetrate the fabric of furnishings and fill the air for some time if proper ventilation is not fitted. Ensure your overhead exhaust is effective and use it every time there are cooking events that give off strong smells. No one will be keen to visit if last night’s curry is still hanging in the room at midday the next afternoon.

4. Coordinating Style

With an open kitchen, messy counter tops and mismatched decor are on show for everyone to see who visits you. By ensuring you have plenty of storage space you will increase your chances of keeping your kitchen ‘guest’ tidy. Coordinating kitchen accessories such as kitchen taps, containers and even appliances will give your kitchen a modern touch and organized inviting feel.

There are many kitchen appliances these days that are absolute works of art so if you want to keep your toaster and kettle on the bench be sure to invest in stylish pieces you will be proud to display. Remember to wipe these types of appliances over daily as they are so often used they tend to get grubby quickly, and that will be glaringly obvious to visitors.

5. Stylish Shelving

Last but not least is the style tip of adding loads of shelving to your open plan kitchen. Removing any upper cabinets and replacing them with open shelving will do wonders for the look of the room. Bare walls can be transformed into valuable storage locations and shelving is the ideal place for all those beautiful kitchen items you've invested in up to now. 

It also gives you an excuse to invest in pieces you have always wanted, such as that luxury casserole dish or crystal glasses set that can now be put on display as well as put to practical use. Open shelving adds a light and spacious aesthetic to the room and when taken all the way up to the ceiling can be extremely impressive. Combining cabinets and shelves is another take on this open plan styling tip that will transform your kitchen.

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