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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

USE RED AND White Colors For Home Decorating

Redecorating the rooms in your home is a great way to subtly add a little pizzazz and create new life to the old humdrum look it currently has; and there are plenty of affordable ways to do so. Last year was all about bohemian and earthy tones; this year though decorators are adding pop for a bold and fun decor uplift. Red and white home decor is sprouting up everywhere from coast to coast.

If you are scarce on money the easiest way to get the red and white modern look is to simply out a fresh coat or two of white paint on your walls and then invest a little money into things like red colored accent pillows, throw rugs and perhaps a vase or two. This will give the room a little pop without having to pay for a complete overhaul which can be costly.

For the foyer or sitting room and if you have some spare cash purchase a red couch or love sofa in a velveteen or suede; then to add balance and playfulness add some white wicker tables or foot rest. Place a couple of cheap (but not cheap looking) white mirrors behind the sofa/couch. Mirrors open up small spaces and are an easy way to decorate and take up space on walls. Mismatch a few throw pillows and maybe place some fresh baby’s breath and roses in a vase for a completed look that your guests will feel comfortable in.

If the bedroom is the room in the house you have chosen to revamp, simple decorating in red and white is a perfect way to create a romantic look, as red and white are synonymous with romance and love. Painting three of the four walls white and then casting one red wall is a chic decorating idea. Accent walls manage to bring a room to life without being overbearing.

USE RED AND White Colors For Home Decorating

And with the one wall accented red you can still incorporate a red comforter and alternate with red and white pillows, or vice versa. For a modern twist on an old Italian styled theme, prop some 19th century candlestick holders on your bed stand with white, red or both candles which will add romance to the room and can be lit spontaneously. Even adding a dash of chocolate brown throughout the room will give it an Italian touch.

If your tastes run towards the eclectic decorators are finding new ingenious ways to utilize red and white in modern ways. For living rooms that really speak to your eclectic fortes, paint the floor and even the ceiling in red, while keeping the furniture white. For a dashier look, swirl some white within the red on the floors and ceiling. You can also add some silver candlesticks to add luxury. The key to this look is to keep the furniture white and the artwork on the walls simple.

If that look seems too bold and you want something a little less so, keeping the white furniture and walls but splashing red throughout the draperies, using pillows and candles can still give the room. Or those who are in love with the mod look also incorporate red lamps either the floor types or hanging which gives the room a retro look and also offers subtle but nice lighting at dusk and dark.

Another room that is good to begin in for renovations is the bathroom. Generally it is one of the smaller rooms within the house and therefore one of the easiest to change if you don’t like it. Decorating a bathroom red and white luxury has a lot of possibly. You could checker the floor tiles alternating red and white or even throw a little back in between.

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