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Friday, 8 March 2013

Richard Trunks Creative Vintage

After seemingly circling the globe, a canvas-clad steamer trunk landed at a famed European antiques market. It was battered and worn, but its careful construction and handsome detailing marked it as bespoke luggage, crafted in early 20th-cenury England for a traveler of discerning taste (a traveler whose name – according to the brass plate mounted above the latch – was Tom Richards). Plucked from potential obscurity, the trunk made its way to the workshop of Timothy Oulton, where it was painstakingly dismantled – every pin removed and measured, every hinge and brace scrutinized. And from that well-made, well-traveled trunk, a collection was born.

Those in love with the look of the vintage steamer trunks, will enjoy the work of the Richard’s Trunk collection, which represents a series of furniture items made up of old trunks, including tables, desks, dressers, trunks and bookcase. Each one is full of character, thanks to its canvas clad surface and wooden and leather accents.

Richard Trunks Creative Vintage

This furniture collection looks amazing and each of the units comes with integrated storage space. Such an unique and beautiful design! No matter where you place them in your home, they will undoubtedly bring a touch of style.

The furniture looks old but has its own style that can be placed on the den or living room, causing impression for owners. In the bedroom it can be used as a storage or instead of a sofa, if placed in the living room could serve as a coffee table, while in the work room we can add map on the wall, so that add old style but still modern.

Richard’s trunk collection has a price range between 500$ and 3500$.

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