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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Love your walls with elegant wall tiles

Every season we feel there should be something new and refreshing about our home décor. It’s kind of boring to have the same wall colors, textures and furniture in the house over the years. If we go a past beyond, whitewash was the mostly used in home decor as a material to make home walls look attractive and beautiful. After some years, whitewash was replaced with paint to give shinier look to walls and modern home decor.

Contemporarily, the home decor trend has seen a complete shift. At present, home styling is done via installing tiles as they are believed to be more elegant and eye-catching. Today, the markets are flooded with multifarious wall tiles. Use wall tiles to create a lovely fresh appeal for your interiors. 

If you too are thinking to adorn your walls with elegant wall tiles, then keep following 

home decor tips in your mind:

1) As per theme of your room or house, opt for some wall tiles with murals and beautiful motifs and get them placed in centre of the rooms, on side-walls of stair-case and for corner decor.

2) For home decor, carefully select design, color, size and texture of the wall tile so that it compliments with your home interior.

3) If your budget can afford, go for ceramic glass and stone tiles apart from regular wall tiles. Ceramic and stone wall tiles are the most popular ones. These are reliable, easy to clean and easy to repair. Furthermore, they are resistant to acids and organic solvents, immune to oxygen effects, need less maintenance and are hardly breakable. 

Love your walls with elegant wall tiles

As far as their variety is concerned, they come in various colors, shapes, designs, sizes and textures thus, you can get whatever style you want and get it installed in your rooms in accordance with your theme plans.

4) Do not pick black wall tiles as an option to cover whole place as it gives dark appearance to room, rather you can try to exploit it in a beautiful way on just some parts of the wall or use them as a design to style wall corners.

5) Work out and incorporate your own ideas to achieve new look. You can get designs from here and there and can merge them with your own ideas. But before finalizing anything, make some samples first to see how it will look and whether it goes well with your thought theme or not. House is your substantial asset thus, sprucing up with your modish wall tiles will augment the beauty of your home manifold. 

Forget about these regular whitewash, that not only are cost-effective but you need to disturb whole setting of your house time and again in order to get it done. On other hand, tiles are one-time venture that last for many years. Switch over to tiles to give real feeling of luxury to your home and make it appealing, tempting and stylish.

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