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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Ester Home Décor

our home can be transformed for spring with a few simple Easter home decor updates. Simple touches like fresh flowers in pretty planters and vases can make all the difference. Here are some tips for Easter home decor and Easter gifts to gear up for the spring holiday Easter home decor starts with a beautifully-decorated living room. 

To celebrate the Easter holiday with Easter home decor, Easter egg tree is a tradition that originated in Germany, and nowadays it has grown in popularity in the United States. Making your own Easter tree can get the whole family involved with the holiday. Put up an Easter tree in the living room to celebrate this spring holiday. An Easter tree is easy to create and has stunning results. Get a wrought iron tree with bare branches and a sturdy base for decorating.

Choose tree ornaments like adorable felt animals shaped like bunnies, lambs, and chicks. Decorative Easter egg ornaments are an absolute must; pretty eggs made from glass, hand painted papier-mâché eggs, and embellished decoupage eggs make for a charming Easter display. Beautiful vintage Easter decorations made from ceramic and porcelain can be used as tree toppers.

Ester Home Décor

Mantelpieces are a great place for an attractive Easter display and a well-decorated mantel is an integral part of Easter home decor. A decorative Easter egg garland can add beauty and elegance to the mantelpiece. Pretty string lights that glow softly also make for festive mantelpiece decorations.

Attach decorative eggs and silk butterflies to your string lights to give them a special Easter touch. You can also make an Easter garland with the help of a few simple craft supplies. All you need is some twine, pretty satin ribbons, and paper cutouts of bunnies, chicks and butterflies. String all the cutouts together to make a colorful garland.

Gifting Easter baskets is a wonderful Easter tradition and the key to giving heartfelt Easter gifts is to keep the interests and hobbies of the recipient in mind. You can explore your creative side by giving your friends and family handcrafted gifts. Decorative eggs can be personalized by hand painting names and initials of the receiver on them. Your friends will cherish these personalized Easter gifts.

You can revamp simple Easter baskets by decorating them with raffia bows and acrylic craft paint. These handcrafted baskets will be a joy to receive. Fill up these baskets with decorative candles, votive holders and novelty candles shaped like Easter eggs or bunnies. Spread holiday cheer by gifting thoughtful Easter gifts.

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