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Tuesday, 5 March 2013


5 best door designs for home and office

Choosing a door design can be an arduous task, because it needs to meet so many parameters. Door designs can make or break the look of your facade  and therefore need to go with the aesthetics the entire space. At the same time, modern doors must be absolutely strong and secure as well as water-proof and sound-proof. 

Here are a few classic office and home door designs which will never go out of style and will always make your space look great.

Wooden doors: 

Most Indian doors continue to be made of wood, and there’s nothing like the warmth and luxury of wood to add some zing to your space. Choose art decor doors in wood for offices and modern interiors and carved doors only for homes with a classical decor. 

Remember that carved doors are hard to maintain, because getting the dust out of the crevices can be challenging. Wooden doors are also high maintenance because they require regular polishing. They also do not respond well to high humidity.

Stained glass doors: 

Wooden doors with stained glass is a classic that is here to stay. Versatile in their appearance, they go with most types of classical decor, whether western or ethnic in its appearance. However, use these in your office only if your business is in the fields of hospitality or beauty. 

For example, stained glass doors would look great in offices in hotels, spas and salons. These doors are easy to maintain and finger prints and scratches do not show on them prominently.


Minimalism doors: 

New doors today are more and more following the minimalism trend, to go with modern interiors. These doors are usually made of toughened double glass with steel trimmings. These doors lend a cool, fuss-free ambiance to any space. These are great for offices and even living rooms in homes. They need regular cleaning to wipe off finger prints and are quite secure.

French doors: 

When it comes to bringing in a beautiful view or flooding the room with natural light and fresh air, there’s nothing quite like French doors. They've become popular doors in India and are frequently used in living rooms as well as office cabins that have a great view.

UPVC doors: 

Many office and house doors are now made with UPVC. This has become an increasingly popular choice because of their water-proof, dust-proof, sound-proof, termite-proof and energy saving qualities  Their versatility allows you to have all kinds of doors designs including slider and French doors. Given its benefits and easy maintenance, this looks like an option that will soon outrun all the others.

Whatever office or home door designs you choose, make sure that practicality followed by aesthetics must be your maxim. Once that’s done, it can help you put your best face forward, quite literally!

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