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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Study Room Design Ideas

Modern study room design ideas focus on designing a multi-functional space for reading and working.
  • The study room is a quiet place where your kids can study or do their homework.
  • It can also be a conducive space where you surf the internet or do some office work without outside interruptions.
  • Home study rooms are also ideal for self-employed people who need to have an office space in their home.

Effective Space Planning

In modern HDB flat or in more compact homes, limited space means that the study space could be incorporated into a corner of a room or another section of the home where there is less traffic. This however should not be a reason for not asking our home interior designer for creative study room design ideas that suit your needs.

With careful planning, our home interior designer and cutsom built furniture builder can build a functional study space with everything in a modern compact HDB flat. Example is a correctly sized study desk for doing homework or art works can also double up as a computer table and a wall mounted bookshelves.

Study Room Design Ideas

Colour and Lighting Combination

Using the proper colours is an important feature with study room design ideas. Because the study room is usually used for serious work, experts advise that colours like warm blue tones or greens should be used to generate an air of calmness and peace. Our painting contractor can help you choose a wall colour theme that is conducive in eliciting clarity of mind as well as developing good decision making skills for kids.

Adequate lighting to the study room is as equally important for the study room. One example is for our electrical contractor to install a task lighting fixture that direct light for the reader. With window blinds, you can control the light intensity coming from outside the window by adjusting the shutter.

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