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Friday, 15 March 2013

Small Living Room Tips

In a world where we once favored big homes and lots of space, today’s homes are actually getting smaller. New homes focus on open floor plans, although many families are making do in smaller town-homes and condos. The living room is one area where everyone congregates, so it should be warm, inviting and comfortable. But if your growing family is in need of more space, you may find that a makeover is imminent. Fortunately, living room furniture is the perfect way to breathe new life into the space.

Decorating a small living room that has limited space isn't as challenging as you may think. There are many effective ways to make the space look bigger, giving you and your family more room to relax. Really, everything starts with living room furniture. This may come as good news if you've been looking for a reason to buy new furniture, although you may not be in a position to buy a whole new set.Furniture is always an investment, but it’s one that is worth it. Not only is furniture used on a daily basis, but it adds character to the home. And with today’s practical choices, you don’t have to buy a brand new set to get the new look you want.

First of all, the furniture should be petite. Replace over-sized couches and sectionals with petite furniture, leather most preferably. Leather offers a clean and uncomplicated look that keeps a room simple. Don’t think you need to purchase the standard couch and love-seat either. Play around with different scenarios such as a couch and chair-and-a-half or a love-seat and reclining chair. While you’ll be giving up some seating space, you’ll be gaining floor space and opening up the room.

You can also add seating in creative ways, especially if you like to entertain. For example, try a bistro table where the chairs are tucked neatly underneath the table and can be pulled out when in use. These tables are small, modern and perfect space-savers, plus they offer room for placing drinks and magazines. Ottomans are also multi-functional, as ones that open up can store blankets, DVDs and books, while serving as an extra seat in the house.

Small Living Room Tips - IN2LIVING

Once you have your couches in place, it’s time to fill out the rest of the room with practical living room furniture and decor  Choose end tables with a small footprint and consider skipping out on a coffee table that will take up floor space. Keep the tops of these tables simple instead of over-cluttering them. For example, one lampshade, one plant or a pillar candle is enough to add taste and prevent clutter. Keeping things symmetrical also gives a clean and minimalist appearance, so spring for two end tables on either side of the couch, as well as two matching lamps.

If it’s time to replace the flooring in your small living room, opt for laminate, engineered wood or luxury vinyl. These flooring options are better than carpeting, as carpet makes small spaces feel more cramped. You can add color and character with an area rug, artwork and a few fresh plants. Determine how you will lay the wood, as horizontal planks will make the room feel wider, while vertical planks will make the room feel longer. If you have kids in the home, consider bookcases that will take up little floor space, utilize wall space and provide adequate storage. Use wicker baskets lined with colorful liners to keep everything in its place.

Lighting is also key when working with small spaces. Remember that lighting should always be added in layers, giving you the proper tools to work with. A light on a fan for example, will provide plenty of balanced light across the room, keeping it well lit. Yet if you want a cozy setting at the end of a long day, having two small lamps with dark lampshades will do the trick. With a combination of task lighting and ambient lighting, you can have the various layers of light needed to keep your living room open yet cozy.

Windows are also of importance. Small living rooms don’t do well with closed windows, as it just makes the room feel more cramped. With your new living room furniture and fresh decor  don’t hide what your space has to offer. Draw back the curtains, open the blinds and let the natural sunlight shine through. You’ll be pleased that you took the time to freshen up this widely used room with new furniture and decor.

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