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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Small kitchen design ideas

Use Vertical Space

Vertical space - in other words, wall space - is a must-use in a small kitchen, but keep the room feeling as spacious as possible by choosing slim narrow units with glazed doors. 

Glaze The Ceiling

Not a possibility for everyone, but if you're planning on putting on a kitchen extension, it's the ideal opportunity to make the room feel as big as possible. Get it right and you can even successfully use a light-sucking, space-stealing colour like black for the units.

Add Colour

A small kitchen has fewer chances to express its personality than a large one, so if you want yours to be fun-packed, choose doors in a bold colour. 

install Gloss Units

Glossy units are still right on trend - and they have the upside of reflecting lots of light, making a small space feel larger. Exaggerate the effect with almost as glossy flooring.

Undress The Window

A small room needs all the light it can get, so keep the window not only unadorned, but also free of clutter. If you need privacy, use window film. 

Small kitchen design ideas

Add Texture

Another way to up the personality of your small kitchen is to choose a variety of textures in your scheme. So, you might go for a heavily grained wood worktop or an exposed brick wall, as shown here. 

Vary The Materials

Give a small kitchen more character by choosing a different finish - although the same design - for your base unit and wall unit doors. 

Accommodate Awkward Angles

A kitchen that's squeezed into what was once a loft or lean-to needs to be cleverly planned so that even the most tricky of angles is filled with useful storage.

Create A View

n a galley kitchen, create a view at the far end, whether with a door or large window - doing so will open the room up and help it to feel brighter and larger.

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