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Monday, 18 March 2013

Renovating with a Flat screen Television in Mind

Your experience might have just told you that getting a flatscreen television brings more than just…a flat screen television. Buying that piece of sleek plastic cum metal offers more than just a better television watching experience, it offers you problems aplenty to solve too! Now, the screen proves to be too big for your television console, and the wall art your beloved bought for you last Christmas is blocked and the list goes on. Well, read on and you might be able to find some tips that can help overcome these problems!

Be wise with Space

No, we are not asking you to go to the outer space. We are asking you to do proper planning before you ditch your new television screen for the old one just because the surroundings cannot seem to accommodate this flat yet behemoth new addition to the family. Bear in mind that one of the reasons why you bought it is because you can watch television now at all angles in the room. However, this same reason also gives you a reason to empty your room of its furniture. Honestly, you only have one problem and that is you cannot afford to have any furniture that will block your line of vision. This seemingly behemoth issue can be solved simply by attempting to view your screen from all directions of the room. From there, you can make a (mental) list of which furniture needs to be shifted, replaced or swapped with another piece that does not pose as an issue as tall to overcome.

Renovating with a Flat screen Television in Mind

Console Free, Hassle Free!

Usually, a flatscreen television blends in just fine with your wall especially if it is painted with a deep and rich colour like burgundy. The former also goes well with classy black wallpapers with silver floral prints on it as well. This would save you much cost especially with a new television console since you can just buy wall brackets now to hang your flatscreen instead. Now, with the thin like crust television market burgeoning, you can be sure that this would save you a lot of problem and money especially if you are one of those people who believe in changing your television once every few years.

What to do with Art Pieces

You might be disappointed to hear that your only painting of the Last Supper will have to scoot and make way for others that will suit your current furnishings better. If you have a high ceiling, your Last Supper might still be able to blend in well along with the rest of the arrangement. You may also want to consider other large pieces as long as they are not too vibrant or you will find yourself concentrating on it more rather than you television program. However, if you have a relatively low ceiling of about 2.4m or below, what you can do is invest in a collection of about 8 or 10 art pieces that are no more than 10 by 10 inches so that you can arrange them on the sides of your television rather than place it above. If you would like to make a fashion statement for your living room, you are also free to place your paintings or photographs below in one straight line but they must not be too big.

Some last notes…

We are hoping that you would see this before you invested in a flatscreen because our next advice is important. And that’s: Don’t buy a television too big for your living room, but it is okay if the one you bought or planning to buy is slightly too small. This is because if you buy one too big for your living room, not only will it look out of place, your eyes will tire easily too just by looking at it. (Bigger screens tend to pixelate a lot more often). However, if you have already bought it, ran into some problems, then consult this in hope that your problems will magically disappear, well, sorry to disappoint you but in that case, you really have to play around with your present furniture.

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