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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Make R small space room

Add A Big Mirror

You needn't stick to light shades to make rooms feel bigger - dark colours won't necessarily make a room feel smaller, although it does need good natural light. However, whatever you choose, hanging a mirror - and the bigger the better will enlargen the space visually and bounce the light around. 

Keep The Floor & Furnishings Light

Take the easy route and keep the floor and the big pieces of furniture light and bright for a spacious atmosphere - you can add colour in with accessories. Fabric and accessories.

Attract Attention To The Room's Far End

Lead the eye into another space beyond the room, and you'll create the impression of more space. The flooring here makes you look through the doorway. 

Emphasise The Vertical

Vertical lines lead the eye up and down, making a room seem taller visually than it really is. You needn't have striped blinds - a striped paper will achieve the same end, as will the tall posts of a four-poster bed or the tall stem of a standard lamp. 

Replace Heavy Curtains

Replace a curtain with a Roman blind in a small room as having to accommodate stacked-back fabric will make your room feel cramped.

Make Your Scheme Tone

If your room is a busy one it makes sense to make the scheme as neutral and toning as possible. This will help make it look both neater and bigger. If you want to add interest, buy accessories with lots of texture or detailing - and ideally choose some pieces with reflective qualities to bounce light around, such as these bejewelled cushions here. 

Make R small space room

Introduce Glass Where You Can

If you're renovating, removing parts of walls and replacing them with glass panels, enlargening windows or even fitting new skylights will all make the room lighter - and provide a view beyond the room into the next room or outside. Check with your local council for planning and building control issues first. 

Use Visual Tricks

there are various ways to make floors and walls look wider - one being to use stripes, as here. Another trick is to lay chequered floor tiles diagonally within a space. Plus, you should always ensure that ceilings, from the picture rail upwards, are painted in a lighter colour than the walls (ideally white). 

Keep The Walls Pale

Use a light neutral on the walls as the eye will perceive the colour as receding - in other words further away! 

Cut Down On Furniture

Keeping furniture to a minimum in a small room will help it feel larger. For instance, swap a bedside table for a chest of drawers that'll do double duty as a nightstand and you won't need to overcrowd your bedroom with furniture that cuts down on floor space. 

Buy Wall-Hung Furniture

Choose wall-hung furniture to keep the floor space clearer and even a corner can feel like a real room. Try this in bathrooms, particularly, or swap bedside tables for small shelf units.

Get Good Lighting

Good lighting is a must in a small space, so you may have to invest in a good scheme if you're renovating, or buy some really effective pieces if you're just revamping the room. 

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