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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Interior design Tips and Trends

As you contemplate the endless possibilities for personalizing your new home, here are a few tips to help you cut through the clutter:
  • Be true to you. Your home tells a story about you, so fill it with objects that you enjoy. Decorate for you – not for others.
  • Tread cautiously with trends. Trends are great, but not always practical for your lifestyle or your pocketbook. Ask yourself if the design you implement today is the one you’ll want to look at years from now.
  • Think of others. When planning your space, imagine it with people in the room. Often, homeowners try to decorate their homes like pictures they see in a magazine. But those are for photo shoots – not for real life. Instead, focus on what’s comfortable and functional for you, your family and your guests.
Interior design Tips and Trends
  • Focus. Find an inspiration around which to focus your design, whether it be a piece of furniture, art or a meaningful antique. By planning your design around your most prized items, you can maintain focus and stay true to your style.
  • Wow ‘em with white. Nothing brightens a room like a touch of white. By simply adding a white throw pillow or towel to a room, you can make it feel cleaner, brighter and more luxurious.
  • Think in 3-D. Don’t forget that every room has three surfaces to consider: the walls, floor and ceiling. Each helps establish the mood.
  • Cast the best light. Even the best design can look shabby in poor lighting. Choose good lighting to maximize your surroundings.
  • Look ahead. Kitchen and bathroom upgrades tend to offer the most return on investment when it comes time to sell your home, so don’t overlook upgrades like tile and cabinetry.

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