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Monday, 18 March 2013

Interior Design for Small Spaces

One of the biggest problems most people living in the city face today is space constraints. With the entire world going “gaga” over mobility, space-saving concepts and the ability to make use of available space efficiently and effectively. Today, we see the amount of netbooks burgeoning, in the same way, small studio sized apartments are also increasingly becoming the choice abodes for the modern. Not just because of their sizes, but also because of the prices. Yet, the trick to making such a small space fit for living is challenging. However, we do have several pointers for you that may help to ease the frown on your forehead, a little bit.

Be realistic!

By choosing to move into a small, studio apartment, you no longer have the luxury to decorate your place excessively. While keeping that in mind, you also have to make sure that your apartment appears roomier than it seems and at the same time, does not look like a pig sty with your property stacked in the most aesthetically unappealing ways. Face it, you only have space for furniture and appliances that you absolutely need and cannot do without. With such severe space constraints issues, you can only afford to think about usability of your furniture.

Interior Design for Small Spaces

Be wise with storage!

Contrary to popular belief, it is actually possible to make your studio apartment look classy. Just look at the brochures those land developers and housing agents hand out to you when you go for open houses. You can achieve that too without investing big bucks (big bucks i.e. bucks bigger than the amount you paid for your apartment) by being wise with storage. Get a professional designer if you can stretch your budget, if not, just go online or even to the local furniture store to see if they have foldable beds, contractible stoves or even sliding doors that can easily conceal your 42” television screens and 27” Mac.  Be on a look out for storage boxes that can slide easily under tables so that they won’t clutter your already limited walking areas

Be simple with your small.

Because the space available is already so small, and also because you cannot really try to cram too many ideas into a small place, we suggest that you only have one sole theme for your entire apartment, you know, just to make it look less small-ish. While the ability to have a different theme in every room is no longer the option for you, since you only have one room now, you just have to settle with a theme that you truly like for your entire house, I mean, room. With this in mind, it will make things easier for you as you search high and low for furniture that can actually fit into your apartment. With a theme for the entire house (I mean, room), you can do your planning ahead! Like which area will be designated for which purposes and then you can actually walk into the furniture with clear ideas as to how big or how small your appliance or furniture should be. Won’t this be a lot less work? I should think so.

Be smart with the lighting!

Most studio apartments are already much tinier than, well, most other form of housing available. Even if you were really that good with storage, your humble abode will still seem really humble in terms of size. What you can do is to “do up” your lighting. This means that you search for the right lighting that can actually help your house looks roomier than it already it. You can also employ the use of mirrors so that your room can look much more spacious than it really is!

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