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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

How to design a bathroom

Looking to replan your bathroom? Redesigning isn't just about how it looks. Although that's vitally important, it's about practicalities, too. Here's how to create the perfect space.

Why Should You Revamp Your Bathroom?

Aside from being one of the most important rooms for your domestic needs, the bathroom is also one of the primary rooms, after the kitchen, that really helps to sell your house. So every aspect of your bathroom has to be well considered, from sanitaryware and fixtures down to flooring and wall finishes. By watching the budget and arming yourself with expert information, you can achieve the perfect balance.

Make It Flexible But Be Realistic

It's not just a question of asking yourself what your bathroom lacks - it's more about getting flexibility into the room to get it to work for you now and for years to come. You should never opt for a wet room or shower in place of a bath, for instance, because future buyers will always want a bath. But if you can fit both in, or at least a power shower over the bath, all the better.

How to design a bathroom

Make the Most Of Space

If there's space, think big - double sinks aren't just fashionable and a draw for future buyers - they're very practical, too. Try to create as much built-in storage as possible, which should save shelf space in other rooms.

Make It Seem Bigger

Use every trick in the book - from bright lighting and large mirrors to pale, reflective flooring and subtle window treatments - to improve the amount of light (and the feeling of space) in what is often the smallest room in the house.

Get A Proper Job Done

The thing to remember about a bathroom makeover is that you really can't do it yourself. Plumbing, tiling and electrics all require professional expertise, and that costs money. A full-on bathroom refit comes a close second to a kitchen revamp in terms of expense and inconvenience.

Try to adapt your expenditure to your home's value. DIY centres offer stylish and functional suites so you needn't pay a fortune, but never compromise on the installation because a botched job will be costly to put right.

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