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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Design tips for traditional hallways

Create A Display
At the bottom of the stairs, create your own gallery - there's often an expanse of wall there left empty. Add a mirror to the display to make the space seem bigger and brighter, too. From the Woodland fabric collection by Vanessa

Make The Door Stand Out

Paint the back of the door the same colour as that outside - or in a shade that matches the rest of the woodwork in your home.

Contrast The Carpets

In a large, open space, choosing a runner that matches the colour but contrasts with the pattern of the carpet on the flat parts of your hallway will create an individual, eccentric look that will really suit an old house. 

Find A Tall Mirror

Lean or hang a floor-to-ceiling mirror at the bottom of your stairs - it will reflect masses of light and make the narrowest part of the hallway feel wider.

Design tips for traditional hallways

Wallpaper The Lower Area

A large print in the lower part of your hallway - however small - can be successful in a way that taking it all the way up the stairs won't be. Choose a design with a white background to keep the area feeling light.

Emphasise The Vertical

Putting a subtle vertical stripe on the walls of a hallway will lead the eye upwards, making the hallway seem taller - a good trick in a tight space. Shutters, Shutterly Fabulous.

Get Period Style Flooring

It makes sense to buy hardwearing flooring for the hallway, at least at ground floor level. Choosing neutral shades will help keep it light, while texture and uneven tones will help hide dirt. Heritage tumbled stone floor tiles, Indigenous.

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