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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Contemporary bedroom design

Add A Stand Out Pattern

If you've gone for neutral tones, add an eye-catching design, whether within wallpaper or bedding, curtains or even a throw, to give the room added interest. 

Add Subtle Pattern

If you want the room to feel restful but not plain, add subtle pattern to the focal wall and keep the rest of the scheme neutral and plain. 

Keep Femininity Understated

If you're going for a busy, floral pattern in girly, pastel shades, tone down the rest of the room with plenty of white to keep the scheme from feeling fussy. 

Don't Curtain Windows

If you don't mind waking up with the sun - and your room isn't overlooked - consider doing away with curtains altogether. A large, unfettered window will make the room feel more spacious and contemporary.

Choose Dramatic Shades

Why not experiment with bold, contrasting shades for your bedroom. Deep shades will make it feel warm and welcoming, especially at night.
Keep It Low

Choosing low-slung furniture will help a room feel immediately contemporary. 

Go For Gold

A plain, non-descript room can be immediately lifted with a metallic wall - you can buy gilt effect paints and wallpapers - or even invest in gold leaf if you've got a budget to blow. 

Contemporary bedroom design

Choose Rough Luxe

If you're a fan of the neglected look, choose polished plaster for the walls and match it with exposed brickwork and natural materials.

Pick Neutral Tones

Deep, neutral tones, matched with angular furniture will give you a classic contemporary look that's easy to live with and add to. 

Layer On Pattern

If you want lots of pattern in your bedroom but still want it to feel contemporary, keep the background of the designs white, and combine florals with graphics. 

Find Eye-Catching Accessories

A plain room can be taken from ordinary to fabulous with the addition of a good-looking accessory, such as a shapely chair or, as here, an unusual mirror. 

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