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Monday, 18 March 2013

Choosing the Lighting for Your Bedroom

In life, there are many intangibles that are immensely personal to us. Yet out of all the things that are tangible, our bedrooms seem to be the most personal. Why? You do most of your personal things there. From working on a project, to writing your diary (or blog), to sleeping…most people spend most of their time at home in their bedroom. It is therefore a place where you are the most frequent inhabitant. In fact, the word ‘frequent’ would be an understatement. Thus, you should be able to show your personality most and best in the interior design of your bedroom. Still, like our eyes, our lighting in our bedroom can tell many things. So here’s how you can personalize your room in ways you have never thought of or ventured into before. 

Firstly, think of what do you want your lights to do for you. (That’s right! In your little kingdom, all things must work in the way you want and deem fit.) If you are one person who studies and does work most of the time in your room rather than at the dining table then powerful lighting for the entire room is what you need. However, to suit your variety of needs, you could get a bedside lamp that offers an orange glow which is not as piercing as bright white lights. On the other hand, if your bedroom serves you only when you are preparing to go to bed and when you are in bed, maybe some warm lighting would suit you better. So, decide what you need first before moving on to other steps. This way, you have probably eliminated dozens of options that does not suit you at all and thus, you won’t be able to buy them on a whim should you fall in love with them.

Choosing the Lighting for Your Bedroom

Maximising Your Light’s Potential
While your light shines day and night for you to complete your work, or just night for you to get to bed without stumbling into the darkness, it also helps to intensify the beauty of the decoration in your room. Spotlights on the edge between your wall and ceiling can create cosy yet Broadway-ish feel in your room, especially when your wallpaper is one of those in classy black with silver floral patterns that reaches the floor. If you have master pieces of yours that you would like to show off, it would not hurt to install spotlights inches above the frame. Maximize light’s potential by making it work for you. After all, it is your little kingdom they are looking after.

Making Functionality and Design Go Together

While we have covered the importance of making your light serve you and your needs, well, let us not forget that your lighting has to look stylish too. Rather than opting a halo-like white ring for your source of sunshine at night, look for nice lampshades that will make your room look more than just a factory. Consider maintenance though, glass covers tend to be the dying place for most flying insects. As for bedside lamps, try lampshades that you like.

AccessoriesHah, you must be wondering how accessorizing comes into play when it comes to lighting. This has nothing to do with lampshades, well not anymore since we talked about it already. Now you can play with colours! Get Lava lamps to spruce up your room if you really like them! Besides, they have a therapeutic effect on you when you need a break from doing work when you just stare at them. Glass globes reflect light too and they can double up as a form of decoration too!

At the end of the day, you will realize that you can do a lot with lighting. They can make or break the design of your room. You find appropriate lighting and without changing your room’s furnishings, it can look a lot better from it was before! Just go all out to create the room which you can work and relax in!

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