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Monday, 18 March 2013

Children's bedroom

In this 19 square metter bedroom for two boys ( 2 and 7 years),  the challenge was to design a colorfull and yet cozy space that would suit them both, despite their different ages. 

Our reader (the mother of the boys) called for our help because she felt that the room was lacking something else. We felt the same as we saw the photos.
At this ages children love 
stimulating environments with primary colors - bleu, red, yellow  and orange.

Those colors, however,  may be sort of 
"frightening" for the adults  when choosing paint colors because they can be very intense and stimulating.

On the other hand, it is also important a relaxing environment when it's time to go to sleep so the colors should have a relaxing effect, or at least not to being too much stimulating  .

We´ve come up with two different design options that would be able to fulfill the needs.  By now,  the room is almost exclusvely meant to be a sleeping space, but as the boys will get older they'll,  certainly,  use the bedroom as  
their territoryand their refuge.

Children's bedroom

The first design option that we took (and this is mandatory), was to create a playing area.

The existing bookshelf wich was used to keep the older boy toys and books was mantained.

A low storage made of colored plastic drawers was added in such way that it would be accessible to the younger boy.

This type of storage is very useful because it allows us quickly  organize a messy bedroom and  can be easily cleaned up .

For the walls ( dark gray and red) two types of paint were suggested.  The first is a "magnetic paint" and the second one is  a "slate effect" paint. The first one is very useful to hold  magnetic cards like drawings and photos or just plain magnets like the ones on the fridge ... the second one allows you to write and draw with plain chalk and it´s easily eraseable with a moisted cloth.

Finally, for the walls behind the bed and the wall next to the wardrobe, a vertical blue and white stripe pattern wallpaper was suggested. 

The "decor" will be complete with table lamps and a ceiling light.

White paint  for the ceiling and all the doors including the closet will make everything look great.

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