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Monday, 18 March 2013

Bring the Nature Inside With Tree Wall Stickers

How many times have you looked out of your window and thought “Mother nature’s got the whole thing sewn up, how can I possibly hope to compete in terms of aesthetic wonder?” and then looked around in dismay at your own tawdry surroundings? If that’s the case then what you need are some self-adhesive vinyl wall stickers cunningly wrought to resemble a load of trees!

There are a dazzling array of options available to the nature enthusiast and the advantages in comparison to the alternatives are considerable. For instance, a two-tone group of floor to ceiling birch trees cleverly arranged to create the illusion of great depth might cost you as little and will comfortably fill a large internal wall with smooth, sleek perspective. 

How much would a painted mural cost? Also, when you’ve had enough of your birch forest and decide you want something autumnal it will peel off and leave the wall unscathed.

For that is another great bonus when choosing wall stickers as your medium, they are easily applied and because of their relative low-cost are easily changed with the seasons. Try that with wallpaper! Despite the fact that wall stickers are a one-use-only product you can still be creative with the remains when removed from your wall.

Bring the Nature Inside With Tree Wall Stickers

When applying a sticker group of trees, one will usually find that because of the considerable overall size of the finished product the trees themselves will come separately and in sections, enabling you to let your creative side run riot! 

  1. Why not put one on this wall, one on that wall and the remainder over there? 
  2. Did the stickers come with separate leaves? 
  3. Why not arrange them so it appears as if a great wind is blowing from the kitchen?
  4. Many tree groups also come with birds in contrasting colours, why not arrange them so they look as if they are in startled flight, flying away from the news on the telly perhaps?
The point is that with a group of wall sticker trees you can re-create the great outdoors in your own home within a couple of hours and the end product will look sharp and stylish too so you won’t appear like some sad woolly-jumpered old hippy woman. 

Tree wall stickers, like all wall stickers are excellent value for the amount of wall they cover and look great, are easy to stick and last forever if you want.

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  1. Love this blog! We just rented a new place and it needs to be furnished, and this is soooo handy!
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