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Monday, 18 March 2013

Bauhaus Furniture: A Perfect Blend of Comfort and Luxury

When we talk about the stylish furniture, Bauhaus is the classic name we may recall. Bauhaus was the German design school run from 1919 to 1933 which combined the crafts and the fine arts. Stylishness in simplicity is said to be the charm of the Bauhaus furniture. They are depicting a modern art in their furniture within the limit of simplicity.

It was the Bauhaus which started regularly using the steel as the frame and other parts of the furniture range like chairs, tables, bed, screen, sideboard, bench, sofa, lamp etc. Modest use of handicraft or upholstery by the largest application of tubular steel is said to be the cost effect achievement of the Bauhaus furniture.

The Bauhaus design standards are based on the functional analysis of furniture with comfort as the key factor. The angled seat and angled chair back will support your whole body parts with more comfortable and relaxation. So they insisted on a healthy form of architecture where style and comfort exceed anything else. They tried to avoid unnecessary accessories and decorative fittings which increase the total cost of production.

Bauhaus style was popular and most of his styles were influenced of modern architecture and designs. Bauhaus furniture, are simple and light without additional decorative. Most of his furniture was user friendly to the consumers. He used steel, glass, plastic, leather and bentwood material to make furniture. Bauhaus furniture, are a blend of modernism and functionalism.

Bauhaus Furniture: A Perfect Blend of Comfort and Luxury

The furniture is available in different attractive colors such as black, white, brown, grey and chromium. There were pieces which had less dark appearance. Skilled craftsmen used finest aniline leather for the outer covering of sofas and chairs. They use steel as frame to make different type of furniture including, table, chair, sofa and lamps. The tubular steel used to make such items will reduce production cost and gives a modern look to the furniture.

Best Selling Bauhaus Designer Furniture

Most of their items were designed by famous designers. The lightweight graceful Wassily chair was simple but had an elegant look. He believed the furniture should be comfortable in sitting so the designers created according to that. Technicians worked with artists to balance creativity and modernity in his furniture industry. He tried new methods of bending wood and he applied on thin seats and chair back.

Most of his items had different characteristics that forced people to purchase some of his unique pieces. Steel and glass tables have a touch of modern architecture. Tight leather straps were used at arms, seats and backs.

There were many tables and chairs specially designed for stacking. His classic furniture includes Barcelona chair, MR lounge and Brno chair. Barcelona chairs, are a perfect piece for office and beautiful living rooms. People have started choosing casual living styles for their home. Slip chairs with upholstery style is affordable and due t their slim design that can easily fit at any area of your house. Bold clean designer chairs provide a special statement.

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