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Monday, 18 March 2013

Bathroom Design Ideas

The bathroom is usually the smallest room in the home and yet it is the one room everybody uses everyday. It is the most personal space in the house where we bath and refresh. 

  • Bathroom design ideas should reflect the lifestyle of the owner as well as to be practical.
  • The bathroom should include the necessary fixtures, adequate lighting and ventilation.
  • Storage for toiletries and towels should also be taken into considerations.

Modern Bathrooms

Master bathroom usually include his and hers areas. When space is not a problem, having a personal space or enough space for two people to move around is ideal especially when both people work and need to use the bathroom at the same time everyday.

Common bathroom design ideas maybe more generic with a common storage space or vanity shelving that is big enough to accommodate personal items of other members of the household.
However, modern HDB flat is becoming compact. Therefore, careful space planning is the first step for our home interior designer with any bathroom design ideas. One example is designing the wet and dry zones where the wet area is the shower or bath area. The advantage of separating the shower area is to prevent any accidental slips if the floor is wet.

Bathroom Design Ideas

Basic Bathroom Design Ideas

Floor and Wall Surfaces - There are a variety of materials that you can select from. Our experience home renovation contractor can explain to you the advantages for each type of surfaces homeowners usually select for their house toilet renovation.

Mirrors - Placing a large mirror with an eye catching frame as part of the centrepiece of the sink fixture can give make a small bathroom seems bigger.

Storage Area - Consider a wall-mounted cabinet to keep the bathroom free of clutter and more comfortable. Speak with our custom built furniture maker your needs and he can help you build one.

Proper Lighting - Aside from the ceiling light, request our electrical contractor to add a wall light on each side of the vanity mirror.

Shower Door - One of a popular modern bathroom design ideas among young couples is installing a glass door to the master bathroom.

Bathtub - Consider installing one if you are the sort of person who enjoys soaking where you can relax aching muscles after a stressful day at work.

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